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Health Mentoring is a program that helps you to feel the way you want and to match your inner truth. Our joint work is based on yours Human Design Chart and is therefore individually related to your energy balance and needs. This calculation is based on your astrological data and gives specific information on topics such as digestion, sexuality, decision-making processes and your way of communicating. Tools like Human Design and Gone Keys confirm and explain your previous perception, which calms your nervous system and lets you relax.

My holistic work is based on supporting you in understanding the language of your body in order to be able to physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally- being able to take responsibility for your well-being and to take good care of yourself. In addition, Herbarium has a large number of traditional herbal products and preparations that I am happy to integrate into my program to give you the best possible support. 


Your diet is an expression of your relationship with yourself. I'll show you a new way of eating that satisfies all the needs of your four bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical). According to this, foods such as love, sun or mindfulness are just as essential for a balanced diet as fruit, vegetables and exercise.

The principle of organic individuality is the focus of my work and will be implemented in practical tips based on your created body graph. Every person is unique in their history and needs, so I don't give out any fixed nutritional plans or rules. Together we look for concrete healthy habits that will help you to achieve your desired attitude towards life and identify the blockades that prevent you from breaking your old patterns.

If you feel addressed, then contact me for an appointment on: 0677 62148090.

I'm looking forward.

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Terrific, professional and insightful

Thank you dear Kerstin! I had an incredible amount of insight and it became so much clearer to me who I am and why I do certain things. But above all it gave me clarity and directions on how to deal with certain situations, characteristics and areas of life. I recommend it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your professional manner and your empathy.

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