Craniosacrale Biodynamik

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Mag.a Julia Hüffel, BCST
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist & MBSR Teacher

Craniosacrale Biodynamik is a gentle and profoand form of bodywork with roots in osteopathy 

support treatments

  • the general well-being,
  • are suitable for prevention and health maintenance
  • and promote healing and development processes.
    Craniosacrale Biodynamik works holistically, they activated self-healing powers and thus promotes Regeneration and Relaxation. 

Treatments are suitable for people of all ages - babies and adults alike!


The fascination for craniosacral biodynamics and the joy of mindfulness practice characterize Julia Hüffel's work and offer.
From IABT as Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist certified offers it in individual settings treatments for Craniosacrale Biodynamik an.
if trainer she accompanies people in the group in MBSR courses and mindfulnessWorkshops on the way to more serenity and balance.

She was able to learn from internationally recognized teachers of craniosacral biodynamics and mindfulness practice from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Great Britain, Canada and the USA.

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  • Craniosacral for general well-being:

– to find your inner balance
– to get to know and feel each other better
- for pregnancy support
– as support during development and change phases

  • Craniosacral for prevention and health maintenance:

- as a way to cope with stress
– for the regulation of the nervous system
– to strengthen the immune system
– to establish more serenity
– to strengthen your own resources

  • Craniosacral to promote healing and development processes:

- to accompany pain
– after accidents and falls
– before and after operations
- for growing pains in children
– to integrate undigested life experiences
– after challenging birth experiences

  • Craniosacral Baby – desire to have children, pregnancy, birth

It is precisely because of the gentle approach that cranio sacral babies benefit – as do pregnant women and mothers after the birth!
Through Julia Hüffel's many years of experience in a maternity ward in Vienna, she knows how well and quickly babies respond to this gentle and mindful form of body work.
This craniosacral form of treatment can be highly recommended for everything to do with babies!
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Craniosacral biodynamics is a gentle and profound form of bodywork that has its roots in osteopathy.

It supports the integration of "undigested life experience" and thus helps the body to release blockages. Craniosacral biodynamics works holistically, it activates self-healing powers and thus promotes regeneration and relaxation.


After a preliminary talk, you lie down on the treatment table in a comfortable position, fully clothed, in a trusting atmosphere. You will be carefully touched on different parts of your body – often on your feet, shoulders and head.

People generally perceive treatments very differently. Sometimes a treatment can feel very calm. Or maybe you can feel something in the body making itself felt or how heat is generated. It's also possible that you just fall asleep. Feelings can come and go. Everything can be as it is.

Sometimes a few treatments at shorter intervals are helpful, often treatments over longer phases are perceived as pleasant and supportive as gentle accompaniment in everyday life. In most cases, significant changes in access to one's own resources are noticed after just a few treatments, and well-being increases. Together we will see how many treatments are appropriate and sensible for you.

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Austria Austria

Julia gives me comfort and confidence

I have been Julia's client for more than five years now. I came to her first when I had problems with stomach pain and depression. She has helped me through a few difficult periods in my life. Now that I am pregnant, I go to Julia for treatment against back pain, ligament pain and some other pregnancy-related discomforts. Her treatments are amazing! I always leave relieved, relaxed and much more confident about this very new state of being – ie. being pregnant and becoming a new mom. Her extensive experience of having worked in a maternity ward makes Julia a top professional, but while being that, she is also warm, caring and very supportive – something that I have found to be very important during the different phases of my wellness journey through which she has accompanied me. I am also very glad that once the baby is here I can rely on Julia's great expertise working with newborns and babies to help with any questions or insecurities I might have as a new mom. She makes home visits, so that's going to be really useful and helpful during those first weeks. Knowing that I have her by my side gives me great comfort and confidence. With

Austria Austria

Very helpful not only for adults but also for children

Julia has accompanied me to my son for years. In challenging times, when things "build up" or during developmental spurts, Cranio Therapy helps us to find our center again and to calm down or "put things in balance". Her sensitive and loving nature makes you feel very comfortable with Julia and my son quickly gained confidence. Absolute recommendation.

Austria Austria

A space full of mindfulness and safety

Jedes Mal aufs Neue bin ich erstaunt, wie kraftvoll und in mir ruhend ich mich nach einer Sitzung bei Julia fühle. As soon as you enter the room, Julia radiates incredible serenity, calm and trust. Julia manages to mindfully keep the space for everything that comes to the surface during a session. All feelings are welcome and it offers a safe framework to feel and share them. Nach einem traumatischen Erlebnis, kann ich unteranderem durch Julia, wieder ganz in meinem Körper ankommen und mich sicher fühlen. Ich möchte Danke sagen für die liebevolle Begleitung auf meinem Weg und kann es jedem anderen nur wärmsten empfehlen, mit Julia in Kontakt zu treten.

Austria Austria

My warm recommendation!

I, too, am always confronted with private and professional issues and challenges in my life. And so my path led me primarily to Julia Hüffel to feel more "grounded" between me and my son again. An encounter of a special kind that you will never forget in your life. After just a few very sensitive treatments and non-judgmental conversations, I felt inner peace and clarity, the challenging situation with my son felt lighter, and togetherness felt more respectful and loving. Not only did I feel grounded and clearer in myself, but bit by bit a journey began that transformed all areas of life inside and thus also outside. The touch of my inner pain was transformed and so Julia, carried in this room full of love, warmth and strength, made healing possible for me and also for my son. Through Julia's compassionate and sensitive touch and her intuitive feeling from the heart, what my body and my soul needs right now, I perceive my body and my needs better. Whether crying, laughing, sad or even scared, Julia always carried this room carefully and sensitively full of inner peace and security. Julia's touches on all levels aren't just about being held, it's so much more. Infinite gratitude fills me and what a blessing to have Julia as my companion at my side and on my way. I can warmly recommend Julia Hüffel from the bottom of my heart, she is a blessing and an enrichment for our lives.

Austria Austria

Energy for body and mind

There are few places in the world where I feel so safe.

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