Ayurveda Amnanda Kur (Christina)


Christina Damborsky, M.CM (Ayu)


Ayurveda is not only beneficial, but also has a preventive and health-enhancing effect. she also enables the way back to nature within ourselves. To the inner body intelligence, to our really own needs, longings and strengths. We know intuitively what is good for us, what we like, what we really want to do, which relationships and friendships warm our hearts, but sometimes or at times we don't really feel it anymore.

Since body, mind and emotions are considered inseparable in Ayurveda, the Ayurvedic treatment approach always includes a combination of recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and wholesome diet as well as beneficial body treatments. These are always needs-oriented and individually adapted, because every person is unique.

AYURVEDA: AMNANDA KUR                                                  

The Amananda Cure is a series of 12 alternating Ayurvedic oil treatments spread over a year to drain the effects of chronic stress, long-term stress and difficult, traumatic life experiences.

Each month, selected medicated herbal oils are applied to the whole body - not massaged. The treatments each have an effect on different tissues and topics. This sometimes relieves feelings of being overwhelmed, of hopelessness, tiredness and possibly other physical symptoms experienced. The metabolism is stimulated, the aging process is reversed and gradually a feeling of inner serenity and contentment becomes noticeable.

​The Amnanda cure is a unique gift to yourself. When we shed ballast and feel comfortable in our own skin again, we also feel equal to life, recognize and use new possibilities. We come alive again.

For more information see www.amnanda.eu. I would be happy to provide you with more detailed information in advance.

PLEASE NOTE: In individual cases, an Ayurvedic diet is necessary before the first treatment, which I will inform you about in detail in advance and which you can carry out independently.

Before treatment: Please make sure that you do not eat anything at least 2-1 hour(s) before the treatment.

Plan on the day of the Amnanda treatment no further treatments. Before each treatment, we discuss the course of the treatment so far, the changes we have observed and your concerns. You will receive appropriate Ayurveda recommendations for your diet and lifestyle.

After treatment: Since the rest period afterwards is just as important as the treatment itself, treat yourself to this time and it is best not to plan anything else afterwards.

About me

Curious by nature and open to change, I can now look back on 15 years of travel and living in different countries and cultures, which shaped me and a certain foresight. Ayurveda found me in 2009, which started a path inward and on which I continue to grow. Both paths taught me that every place may have its own truth and people are individual, but also that similar stories and destinies repeat themselves in many places and that we humans are more alike than I thought.

As an Ayurveda practitioner & Amnanda therapist, I want to support you in developing a feeling for your own individual needs along with well-being. This leads you to more clarity about what, who, where is best for you and in turn lets you see new perspectives. Because positive changes in the body have a proven beneficial effect on the mind and emotions.

You can find more information about my work and me on my website: www.ayusya.at

Languages: German, English, Ivrit

Per treatment: 60min / 75€

(Whole cure: 912€ plus costs for tea and tinctures will be charged separately)

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