Meeting your inner Muse - A multidimensional playground


Make a 30% deposit to secure your place (details on the total amount under “Costs”).

This workshop is all about reconnecting with your intuition and remembering the innate creative power that you carry.  

It’s about re-embodying this playful child who doesn’t give a sh++ about exact sequences or if something is straight or crooked. And about letting go of the constructs we were conditioned to take on.

This space is about liberating yourself from this limiting believe that creativity or being creative is something that only artists can have access to.

And most of all it’s about healing this part that clings onto the mind.

Your inner guardian, who holds up all these structures and concepts that prevent you from flowing and being this very creative channel that you are.


Kundalini Activation

This beautiful tool teaches you the art of letting go.

Letting go of the mind. Letting go of mental constructs. Letting go of judgements and limiting believes. 

It also teaches you the Art of remembrance. 

Remembering how it feels to merge with your true essence. Remembering this innate connection to your intuition. Remembering oneness and being part in the flow of life. 

Kundalini Activation can additionally open your third eye, which aligns you with your higher self, enhances the ability to visualize and opens a gateway to higher consciousness and the spiritual realms. Creativity is often described as a process of channeling inspiration from a higher source or tapping into the collective unconscious and this can become possible through delving into this energy.

Dancing/Free Movement

Dancing and free movement encourage you to listen to your body and to trust your inner guidance. It induces a state of flow, where you can become fully immersed in the present moment and are able to lose track of time and self-consciousness. Moving the body in new and unfamiliar ways stimulates your  imagination and opens the path to a deeper connection with your intuition, creativity and authentic self-expression.

Free Painting 

Painting without constraints or expectations liberates your imagination and unleashes your creative potential. It opens up new possibilities for exploration and gifts you a sense of freedom and empowerment in the creative process. Free Painting can be a portal to innate states of flow and connectedness

Sound Healing

Sound healing brings you a state of deep relaxation and is reducing stress, tension and mental chatter. Relaxing the body and mind further creates a fertile environment for becoming more open and receptive to inspiration and new ideas. Delving into healing sounds also helps to release energetic blockages and stagnant patterns that inhibit your creativity. It encourages you to listen inwardly and tune into your intuition. 

If there are any questions left, feel free to reach out on Instagram (forever.artemis) or via Mail (

I’m so looking forward to take you with me on this journey

    €129 early bird (until 15/5/24) 

    €143 regular price (15/524 - 1/6/24)

    (—> including your own canvas to carry back home)

    There is one low-budget ticket available! If you are currently struggling with affording the ticket, let me know via Mail. 

    Eva is an Empath, Earth Keeper and Cosmic Child committed to helping people evolve and making this planet a better home. 

    She shares her tools and knowledge out of a place of deep connection to Mama Earth and an abundant love for every soul and every being in this universe.

    Through her work as an Energy Healer, Holistic Guide and Advocate of Expansion of Consciousness 

    Her aim is to assist people in reconnecting to their emotions, their heart and to the ever-present magic that lies within and without. 

    The way Eva holds spaces is deeply caring and gives you the feeling of being safe, understood and at home.

    Time: 1 st June // 11:00-15:00 Uhr


    Welcome and introductory talk

    Dancing/Free Movement

    Kundalini Activation

    Free Painting & Sound Healing

    Closing & Sharing Circle 

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